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Safari Kid provides an interactive Cantonese and Mandarin curriculum that has been specially compiled by a highly experienced team of Safari Kid Chinese teachers for children born and brought up in Canada. We offer a traditional Cantonese and a simplified Mandarin curriculum with Pin Yin. To offer structure to our curriculum, it is divided into monthly themes which are common for Cantonese and Mandarin. Click here to view our Saturday Chinese School flyer

Our students are assessed at the start of the program and based on that they are placed into small group classrooms as per their level and not just by their age. The curriculum is accompanied with visual aids such as chinese animation videos, flash cards; pictures; hands on activities; show and tell projects; art and craft; dictation; music; dance; poetry recitation; chinese pop songs & role play.

Teaching Goals: Our goal is to offer a learning experience which is more practical, usable in the day to day life of Canadian born Chinese students with a very visual and also hands on approach.

Competitions: Our students participate in inter school recital competitions such as Calcy and Lions. They also have an opportunity to participate in singing and dancing performances for our Chinese New Year concerts and talent events that are held in school. We have won several awards in inter school recital competitions.

Our Belief: We believe our teaching has an effect which enhances their memory and also encourage students to enjoy learning Chinese. For each term we offer tests and report card/ evaluations for our students.

Cantonese: Our focus is to enhance the student’s skill in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Essay and Comprehension. Our Monthly Show and tell projects, Poetry recitation; Storytelling and Role Play skits help students to build their reading skills with accurate pronunciation, and comprehension. Our illustrations and English translations help students understand the meaning of the sentence and words. Students will learn the order of strokes and the structure of a character. Our weekly dictation tests help students reinforce their learning of words. Teachers work one on one with each student to help them work on their penmanship. Students will learn accurate grammar, comprehension, punctuation and sentence structuring.

Mandarin: Our focus is to teach students the skill of day to day –practical life conversations in Mandarin. We aim to achieve this by poetry recitation; nursery rhymes; story recitals; show and tell projects; role play skits and discussions. Our Pin Yin enables students to master the technique and key to pronunciation.

Why chose Safari Kid Chinese program?

  • Award Winning Program
  • Interactive curriculum developed for children born and brought up in Canada for daily conversational learning
  • Offered in small group by level and not just by age
  • Mandarin to English translation audio recordings for parents not fluent in the language
  • Cantonese to English translations available on every students worksheet
  • Our Annual outlines and monthly revision booklets allow parents to keep updated with the teaching plan for the entire month
  • Quarterly assessments for student progress and vocabulary development
  • Inter-school recital competitions; talent events and concerts
  • Chinese Folk Dance; Music and Poems
  • Chinese Animation Videos; Pop Songs and Role Play Skits
  • Hands on Approach with materials; props; art; sensory; puppets and story telling


Below is a list of programs offered:

  • MusicCantonese
  • MusicMandarin
  • MusicFrench
  • MusicRussian
  • MusicFarsi
  • MusicEnglish
  • MusicMath
  • RoboticsRobotics
  • MusicSafari Music

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